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For a recent Awards night, Mugdha picked a sari by Masaba. Perhaps as a wink and a nod to the event in question, she added a nathni (nose ring) to complete her look. Now, a look you like or an addition too gimmicky?

Mugdha Godse At Marathi Mirchi Music Awards 2013 In Masaba-1

Mugdha Godse At Marathi Mirchi Music Awards 2013

Mugdha Godse At Marathi Mirchi Music Awards 2013 In Masaba-2

Mugdha Godse

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. the nath is not gimmicky, the blouse is.
    Or is that a belt?
    a hair bun would have lifted the look for me. The hair and the belt and the nath are all too many things going on at the same time.

  2. she looks like a big loud mess. The sari is very bright. her hair is a mess, the nose ring and the blingy bra top is just all wrong.

  3. Nothing gimmicy about embracing your culture. Her last name sounds Marathi so I think she has every right to rock that nose jewel!

  4. I like where this was attempting to go but this is so half hearted. Add a traditional neckpiece with small traditional earrings. hair tied in a bun with a gajra. And what an amazing look this could’ve been. Alas.

  5. a less blingy earring or no earring, and instead a kada bracelet might have worked better, it feels too accessorized with both nose & heavy earrings

    Nt much of a fan of the saree, the shiny material is a put off, wish a rich pure silk or raw silk had been used instead

  6. I like the sari and the whole look except for the nathni.. I’d understand if the event was a wedding. But I’m not gonna lie, she looks pretty darn good to me otherwise.

  7. IMHO as a Maharashtrian mulgi, she should have either worn a proper short sleeved blouse if she was going to wear that ‘nath’ or should have skipped the ‘nath’ with that skimpy blouse. Not cool Mugdha, not cool!!

  8. love it!!! finally a different masaba color palette that hasnt been worn once too frequently and gotta love them desi accessories.

  9. i like the top and green part of sari! although down part color i think doesn’t match … the nose ring is a bit too much for the event i thought ….


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