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Wearing a puffy sleeved top from Sashe and a pair of SR Store pants, Mouni jetted out of Mumbai recently. She rounded out the look with a pair of Fendi boots.

Regardless of whether she was headed to an event straight from the airport, or she broke out the separates for travel alone, the look didn’t work, not one bit.

Mouni Roy

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Hi PnP, have a question for you. I know you started covering airport looks back before celebrities were curating nearly every outfit, and your intention was to see their real style. Now that the look has been more popularized, we’re seeing the opposite of what I believe you were trying to show, with celebs putting in sooo much effort for a walk to the airport. I know that the purpose of this site is to showcase and comment on style, but am wondering if things like airport and gym looks shouldn’t be in consideration so that people get some down time. There are definitely celebs who don’t mind these looks and being photographed, but I feel like this has a larger impact on society and people start taking themselves too seriously and everyone starts looking like fashion clones. Just my two cents- this is your blog and you can cover everything you like, but I wanted to ask whether you are still seeing what you wanted out of these looks and whether it makes sense to continue doing so considering the impact it seems to have had on people by making us even more judgmental in spaces that don’t necessarily warrant it, and how everything at this point needs to be a show for the camera? Would love to hear your thoughts on this.

    Also, side note, thanks for all of the time and effort you ladies put into this blog!

  2. The second picture without the hands looks like she is wearing a straitjacket and the deadpan face in that picture is her in character…


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