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For her appearance at Sanjay Garg’s presentation, Mini paired the Raw Mango sari with an obi belt of sorts. Wearing her hair to the side, she finished out the look with a chain-strap bag, multiple rings and a wristwatch. Love the sari on her… The belt, not so much!

Mini Mathur In Raw Mango At Sanjay Garg Show At AMazon India Fashion Week

Mini Mathur At Amazon India Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. This style always feels too ‘daku hasina’ to me. What’s wrong with wearing a sari as its meant to be. Almost like it’s be boring to wear a sari without making it edgy.

  2. Is that a waist trimmer ab belt? I’ve been meaning to buy one since a while. Kudos to Mini for not just owning up to it but even flaunting it. Atta girl.

  3. You know the saree is being butchered so much by Mini of late that she should just stop wearing it, its a complete uggh for me and that belt that looks like a chiro prescription is pure fashion blasphemy at its best.

    Honestly, the latest trend of wearing sarees, more so the raw mango ones – its like folks are wearing an lbd as a midi. I rest my case.

    Saree state of affairs

  4. Reminds me of my grandfather who has a back problem and constantly needed to wear his back belt for support.. Looks like wearing a saree on its own has now become a thing of the past

  5. The saree as an element in the grand scheme of things, is nice. Everything else, terrible. Fit of blouse, drape, belt, hairstyle, expressions, awkward poses, watch, the sling bag… So So so blah. Why can’t they just wear a nice saree nicely?

  6. The kaam-wali-bai drape and the that-tailor-should-be-fired blouse… i just cant stand it!
    And that belt!…. Blame the designers and stylists!!!

  7. you know when someone tells you you’re good at something then you get carried away and over do it? this is a perfect example of that.


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