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Within the shortest time Genelia D’Souza went from fab to drab! We loved her short white day dress, but what she wore to the ‘Mere Baap Pehle Aap’ music launch had us scurrying for cover! But hot shoes at both events and for that, she gets credit! Lots.

Release Of ‘JTYJ’ Na Music
Release Of ‘MBPA’ Music

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  1. I LOVE the shoes on the left! I wonder what they are… and I also love the hair for the Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na music release.

  2. You guys have become way tooo nice/generous. The shoes are OK, a dime a dozen at 9 west [alright maybe not a dime]…but i do like that white number..and her best accesory seems to be her smile.

  3. The ‘white dress’ looks like a kurti worn over a green mini skirt. Don’t like either…not looking ‘starish’ enough lol

  4. Rene yeh theyre similar to Ash’s…but i dont think she had that little ankle strap.

    Gisele’s smile really overcomes everything.

  5. i like the white dress. and between the shoes…..the red mary janes. the red dress would have pulled off borderline average had that noticeably wrong belt not been there.

  6. Why has nobody mentioned her killer legs? I suspect most shoes would go well with those gams. She also has a sweet smile. Looking forward to Jane Tu Ya Na Jane!


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