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I love ‘Alice In Wonderland’ and cannot wait for the movie but in the meantime, am devouring the whole book-inspired-movie-inspired madness (in a very Alice way).

Speaking of which, look what caught our eye… Printemps (a French department store) collaborated with few designers wherein they (the designers) would display their own interpretation of ‘Alice’ via clothes, decoration et al in their own allocated windows. And Manish Arora was one among those very designers.

It’s no secret, we love Manish Arora and so it should come as no surprise we love his window. Love the whole futuristic meets retro vibe and who needs mushrooms with those tights?! 😉 Love.

We are all mad here!

P.S: ‘Alice In Wonderland’ reminds me, who do you think will be the first to go, “Off with her head” when they spot us at the Fashion Week? 😉

For more pics, go Here. Don’t miss the McQueen window.



Photo Credit: Hauteworld

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  1. Oh Alexander McQueen 🙁 It’s beautiful.
    The Manish Arora is wonderful as well, but I can honestly say that my main attraction to Alice in Wonderland is Johnny Depp. The man is perfection.

  2. Bunnies are supposed to be cute not scary…that is one ugly, scary looking bunny!!!

    Other than than I love the whimsical theme of the display window….

  3. What a treat this post is, PnP!! loved it!! Manish Arora’s idiosyncrasy could be such a cause of celebration 🙂 Loved Mc Queen as well! and those Kirkwood shoes are from wonderland, aren’t they? 🙂
    Depp and Hathaway- can’t wait for the movie!

  4. loved all of then adn then somehow fell in love with Chole’s cuz it adds a demure romantic touch, McQueen had too many ruffles going on for my taste was kinda regal as well…..would have loved to see what John Galliano or Rohit Bal would have done or may be Issey Miyake, as these three are my favorites.


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