Manish Arora Spring 2013

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I sat on this post for a while. Only because sometimes I’ll feel differently about a collection once it has had time to settle in. And also because am a long time, ardent fan of Mr. Arora’s. However, what I felt when I first saw these pictures hasn’t changed. Am afraid this collection was bit of a disappointment.

Bringing his usual brand of over the top kitsch, the designer like many others this season looked to India for inspiration. A riot of colors, tiger motifs and digital jewel prints along with embroideries and appliques made up the collection. It all however, felt a tad too excessive and dated (even if the designer intended to reference/revisit older themes from his previous collections, and that’s a speculation, it still did feel dated). Over styled and barely edited, the collection suffered.

The jewelry however, in collaboration with Amrapali was the absolute star. Love. Unequivocally in lust.

Photo Credit: Style.Com

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  1. maybe its just in my head.. but i usually associate Manish Arora with edgy-spikey, bright- neon colored this one actually feels somewhat new coming from him. It almost seems feminine & soft with pastel colors while not going all wimpy! So me likey!

  2. In complete agreement, PnP.

    To me it was so badly put together I didn’t notice the jewellery. Also absent-the designer’s usual sense of fun.

  3. I really like this collection! His pieces are usually really edgy and loud. These designs can be worn and mixed in so many different ways. Love the pastel colours!

  4. i absolutely LOVE this. even though i feel like he looked to Chanel’s Bombay to Paris collection for inspiration (or a bit more than inspiration perhaps 😉 )
    some of the pieces really stand out though, and some don’t really fit in with the rest of the collection. But i love how he’s used the pastel tones to bring out the colors yet not make it appear very in your face with the brightness.
    I also feel like if the models were all indian/brown-skinned, they would look completely different.

  5. I like this collection as it looks alot more wearable (the prints, colours, cuts) than his usual fare. There are some interesting pieces, but then it is Manish!


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