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Spotted on Malaika, the same Tarun Tahiliani gown that was worn by Shilpa at the Dom Pérignon Oenotheque 1993 event back in 2007.

We think they both wear the cut-out gown well. You?


Left: Shilpa Shetty Dom Pérignon Oenotheque 1993, Sep 2007
Right: Malaika Arora at Naya Andaaz Event in New Jersey, Mar 2009

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  1. Not really a fan of the gown, having said that i do prefer the way the cut works on Shilpa…its more curvy, where as the curve (cut-out) is a lil more straighter on malaika..

    But they look good, i now do like malaika alot after amrita’s wedding!

  2. Yes, I think they both wore it well but because of Shilpa’s outrageous body and her curvaceously thin waist, she does justice to the dress a little bit more. Because what’s special about this dress is how it accentuates the waist, and Shilpa is able to exaggerate that effect.

  3. Agree with Nosh and Fatima, it works better on Shilpa and think it’s b’cas she’s taller. In anycase, cut out dresses are plain distasteful.

  4. well malaika fills the bottom better and shilpa fills the top better! but its not a dress i’d wear. i dont really like it. and i do think malaika should be commended for wearing it after a baby. she looks awesome.

  5. The dress is slightly too bling for me. I mean they look like they’re going to go dance on stage and I guess it’s the kind of dress only for making public appearances for tv or something.

  6. shilpa looks good. but malaika gets more marks cos she’s had a baby and can still wear dresses like that! ok ok, i guess these ladies are paid to look good…


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