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Wearing a patan patola Sangeeta Kilachand sari with silver jewellery from Apala, Malaika attended the Dadasaheb Phalke Awards. She looked good! Having said that though, I know she wanted to show off the necklace against the top vs have it lost against the sari but that loose drape on the side was a bit of a distraction.

Malaika Arora

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. That saree is gorgeous, that necklace is gorgeous, as is Malaika. Would it kill her to drape the saree properly across her boobs? Maybe I am just a prude but badly draped sarees really bother me…

  2. Ooh, the nitpicking!!! Apparently, there is one and only one way of doing things, especially when it comes to saris. smh.

    She looks great and is trying things different than we usually see her in. Plus that sari is just gorgeous. I like it.

    • She looks a dream. Although I am normally against the one breast drape (not for prudish reasons, but because it just seems so forced), here it’s to show off the necklace. Still, the drape here does affect the flow. And I am not sold on black being the best contrast color.

      However, saree is lovely, the styling is great, and I feel like overall, this is a nice modern spin on the traditional. And when Malaika goes simple, you’re reminded by what a stunning woman she is.

  3. This saree didn’t really need those accessories. She looks lovely.
    However I don’t mind the drape in this case. The blouse is not a cropped one so doesn’t look awkward.
    Her face is glowing!!

  4. She looks so beautiful! That saree is amazing, Patola is one of the most elegant and complicated weaves from India. I just got one as a gift and can’t wait to wear it!

  5. My 2 cents: If you want to show off the jewelry, pair it with a skirt instead of a sari. If you are wearing a nice sari like this, let that be the center of attention instead of tossing aside the pallu like that to show off the necklace. Just because it’s a “covered-up” Malaika doesn’t mean she is automatically looking good. In the bottom set of pics, she actually looks like she is in the act of undressing – I just reached home, let me take off this bothersome sari!

  6. This look had so much potential…beautiful saree, lovely jeweller…that one boob drape is completely ruining it for me. The blouse is just so simple, I don’t understand the need for this kind of drape at all.

  7. Noooo .. not the drape issue with Patola. Patola is the most expensive and complicated weave from Gujarat. It’s a heritage kind of sari. She should have skipped the long necklace and just let the sari do the talking. I just want to fix that loose pallu so badly 🙁 Everything apart, so so glad that Patola has made it to these pages 🙂

  8. Im a avid gym go-er, not saying I have a banging body, but my point is, its so HARD to be in shape and keep in shape, shape being a slender body and limited fat. If you feel you have a banging body, if you are comfortable, show it off, yes I agree in a tasteful way, but as the old saying says, if you got it, flaunt it.

  9. I am telling you- Malaika reads the comments on the site. Clearly she heard us all when we said she would look gorgeous even when covered up. Lately all the looks are covered Neck to Toe. (Clap Clap Clap). Having said that, I am not digging this appearance. Saree, the black bindi- somethings wrong other than than obvious drape. Jewellery is too much with this busy saree too.

  10. She is gorgeous and I love the sari, the necklace and the bindi but somehow I don’t like her hair. It’s too severe. I know I know I’m probably in the minority and majorly nitpicking!

  11. For once, I am liking what i see. I know, I know, hard for me to even believe I am saying this but here is my reasoning. The saree has too much going on with it, so it needed a blouse that was plain and stark. The necklace needed to stand out thus the low drape… What would have ruined this look for me would have been a skimpy blouse… the intent of the low drape is to likely show a boob, in this case since the blouse is prudish and covered (high neck and full coverage) the vulgarity is missing… and thus the look sorta kinda works. like that her hair is not busying up the look… sweet simple make up along with that tiny bindi all manages to low-key indianize the look.
    too much analysis i know but i almost had to think aloud as to why this was ok on the eyes.

  12. Interesting it’s says patan patola Sangeeta Kilachand sari. When all ms sangeeta Kilachand did was add that ugly border to an already perfect sari. Ughh.


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