In Tanieya Khanuja

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Madhuri was photographed in a Tanieya Khanuja gown at the recently held awards event. Wearing her hair back, she rounded out the look with jewelry from Sapna Mehta. She looked nice.

Madhuri Dixit At IIFA Awards 2019

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Okay.. I’ve now got it after going through 4 pages of IIFA posts. Half the ladies were told they’d have to perform on stage. The rest were told this was the 1987 Miss World pageant. And Mini Mathur (whose outfit I liked best) was told to write a news article about it all. And they all came dressed for work!

    • ‘Nice’ is such an understatement!!
      Madhuri looked smashing and super hot (keeping in mind she’s in her 50s!!) personally I think she was the best dressed of the night. Not too over or too simple…just right. As for the other ladies, they looks as if they got last minute invited and rushed themselves, while others looked soooo OTT (we know who that was). So please stop critising Madhuris dress sense coz honestly she’s smashing it lately:) is

  2. Nice?! Littttllle bit of a high school bully, were we? Mostly condemning of good things, and even the compliments were highly measured and almost paid grudgingly.

    She looks smashing. There’s a certain sense of posturing that we have come to accept when it comes to Indian women wearing Western gowns that is very different from when they wear Indian wear. Few women can do it effortlessly, and far fewer can manage to change clothes without managing a change in ‘personality.’ Ms. Rai and here, MD, show how it can be done succesfully.

  3. She looks fab neck down. That hair, make up and jewelry is a complete let down. Wish she did not go with the red lip color – just way too much red.

    • I swear there is a group of MD haters who just wait for her posts just to write the same old “dated” comments. I mean come on! She looks amazing and fresh.

  4. She looks fab but def a softer lipstick would be nicer. The hair left open would look better and since she added the belt , I feel the earrings needed to be smaller .


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