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Opting for gowns by Indian designers were Madhuri and Sanya with the former in a Nadine Dhody and the latter in a Sharnita Nandwana. Going by the pics we have so far, they both looked nice.

Madhuri Dixit and Sanya Malhotra

Photo Credit: Filmfare

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  1. Sanya looks really nice and well put together. The subtle makeup and hair looks spot on.
    Madhuri is over dressed (as always) with the necklace, bangles, rings, jhumkas, nailpolish, bright makeup and big hair to an already bordering on OTT blingy gown. Didn’t like one bit.

    • way I’d have been to able to say that was Sanya! Long hair has changed her appearance quite drastically. I don’t love her gown but it’s better than MD’s.

  2. Madhuri have such a beautiful face to which you do great disservice.
    If you are unable to put things together atleast get a good stylist from the current crop who can.
    Why would you look dated on pages after pages.. Unless that’s what you are going for.
    Old fans like me still have hopes !!

  3. Madhuri is a gorgeous woman but knees to stop with the work on herself! she’s looking more and more like the hollywood divas who are a 100 but refuse to age gracefully. And this dress up look makes her look even more like a wax statue!

  4. Madhuri is a beautiful lady who does not need to over load herself with make up and bling. Let your beautiful smile and grace take the center stage.
    I prefer Sanya with shorter hair. Both of the gowns look recycled and lack freshness.


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