Game. Set. Match And Contrast.

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Hema Malini went all ‘matchy’. Konkona with a stark contrast. Now, we aren’t comparing the two ladies coz that’d just be unfair, but in this case, of the two, whose style aesthetic would you prescribe to? Stark contrasts or all ‘matchy’ ensembles?

Hema Malini
Konkona Sen Sharma

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  1. I am just not a matchy matchy person, so its stark contrast all the way for me.
    Not impressed by either woman here-I dont think theres any putting together in Konkanas outfit and while I love the COLOR of Hemas outfit,I dont much like the salwar kameez.

  2. i can never go so matchy matchy, i really love the color konkana’s opted for tho i do think she shud drop this balloon look, everything is so loose… is she hiding a baby bump?? or a beer belly? 🙂

  3. well, i sometimes do both together.. match bits of my outfit and then contrast the jewellery or match the jewellery and contrast the shoes or the bag… so for me its a mix.. but i wouldnt really match the bag to the outfit.. in anycase mine are all black or brown..
    HM’s outfit screams – i got matched!! while KS’s outift is quite casual

  4. Neither leave an impression…but I would do bits of both…what I am wondering abt is that in Mumbai’s hot weather how are these ladies dressed in silky clothes and black outfits? whatever happened to summer dressing? Hemaji can be excused…but Konkana cud have experimented…

  5. ok, having the SAME material/patterend clutch with your outfit?? that’s like a little girls thing.

    i like konkona’s style, i just wish her pyajamas and top were better fitted…which is different from being tight. just fitted! lol

  6. to tell u the truth, i didnt even get the post…because i couldnt see hema malini’s clutch? took me a while to see it! hehe

  7. konkona! i love this girl.. she has class AND talent..simply amazing. the outfit couldve been better fitted, though.
    hema malini looks good too, but koko looks better


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