Not Quite

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The thing with Madhoo is, she has the knack of carrying lush bags in the worst way. Sure, this is sooo much better than that previous Birkin sighting but it still is pretty ‘meh’!

Without getting into much, let’s just say this one gets a ‘Not Quite’ from us. Seen those shoes?


Left: At An Art Gallery
Right: At Shantanu And Nikhil‘s Collection Showcase

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Oh no! whats has she done? did she accidentally sit on the birkin while in the car? it;s all squashed! thats a £5000 bag… treat it with respect woman!

  2. Ok well in the first pic those pants so gotta go. And in both pics and almost all of her pics for that matter she always looks very worn out. Her face doesn’t have the charm and freshness. Oh and the Birkin? Never bothered thinking about it amongst all else that is so off.


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