In Hervé Léger

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Another day, another Léger. Ms. Shah, perhaps it’s time we arranged an intervention?

(The nude-blush looks great on her but, don’t tell her that.)

Left: Hervé Léger Spring 2012
Centre, Right: Madhoo Shah At L’Officiel’s Magic Bus Charity Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Her cheeks look like they’re bruised. horrible choice of shoes. if she’d only learn how to carry herself appropriately in whatever she’s wearing! everytime i see her in expensive labels … i just wonder … HOW? WHY? NO!!

  2. A bit too much color to her apple like cheeks. Is there a leger factory outlet that we poor readers are unaware of? Considering Ms. Shah is ONLY seen in them (minus a recent event) at most dos. Reveal thy secret.


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