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Louis Vuitton recently launched its first store in Bangalore and its second in Delhi. While, Lara looked fresh in her DvF dress and the LV Rayures tote in Bangalore, Vidya looked quite a damper in a rather frumpy denim dress and an LV Marilyn hobo.

Pretty obvious, who takes this round!

Vidya Balan, Delhi
Lara Dutta, Bangalore

P.S. In case you are interested in either bag, you can buy them from the Louis Vuitton website.

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  1. I really don’t like Vidya Balan sense of style. Mostly because she has none. I can’t believe the things she wears sometimes, like the orange monstrosity at the Filmfare Awards this year. It was painful to look at. I think she either doesn’t care (which begs the question, why are you in this industry? it comes with the territory of an actress) or she is blind to fashion.

    Laa Dutta looks amazing and takes the shine away from Vidya, I didn’t even know she was at the event.

    Sorry for the rant, needed to get that out. 😉

  2. I kinda feel sorry for Vidya. How can anyone turn up at a luxury brand store opening looking like that? Except of course, if you are totally and completely clueless.

  3. Amrita, my thoughts exactly. Any other place, we could have cut her some slack, but at the Louis Vuitton store..have some fashion sense. Or atleast hire someone to help.

  4. WTF were Louis Vuitton thinking when they invited someone like Vidya ‘horrendous’ Balan to open their store? What are the chances of her turning up in a hideous outfit and being the laughing stock of the whole town? 100%. The dress looks like it has been bought from the weekly road side bazaars that are sooo popular with the rikshawaalas and the maids in India for their clothers. But hey, even they iron their clothes when they go for an outing! A stupid move from a brand which has had the likes of J Lo and S JO as their ambassadors!

  5. michelle, na i think it’s just the dress.

    LoL Poor Vidya…i feel bad for her. hehe

    And hey guys, what about the man? It looks like he’s wearing the same suit and tie…with his third button DONE-UP! Mind you, i dont know much about men’s fashion, but i thought the three button rule was, “always, sometimes and NEVER”?


  6. Belle,
    The “man” is Yves Carcelle, the CEO of LV… Guess, he is free to do whatever he wants!(if he sends us some freebies! 😉

  7. Vidya doesn’t know that the hobo needs to be over over her shoulder, not hanging on her arm. Seriously, is she doesnt hire a damn good stylist really soon, there would be many more faux pas for us to witness.
    And Jesse, u are so right about the orange monstrosity. I havent been able to get over that outfit either!!

  8. Vidya needs a good…no great stylist,mostly to compensate for her lack of style, this outfit is so ugly…I dont remember seeing her look good ever!
    Enough money to spend and so much fame…what a waste.

  9. how has vidya managed to become an a list celebrity while consistently looking so frumped out? does she have a fairy godmother? she looks like cinderella before she got dressed up to go to the ball.

  10. As usual Ms Ballan got it completely wrong. I am never happy with what she wears. She is among the leading ladies in the list of worst dressed actresses not forgetting the strong competition from hamare apne Ms Sonali Kulkarni

  11. I spotted a dress similar to Lara’s at The Limited. It was on sale for under $50. I probably wouldn’t have paid much attention to it had I not seen it here.


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