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Spotted Lara Dutta in a Malene Birger dress at a recent event keeping it casual and fresh. The dress on it’s own doesn’t have us swooning but as usual, Lara adds so much to it and really makes it work. We like.


Lara Dutta At The Araaish Event In Malene Birger Maxi Dress

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Aww… pretty as a picture ! lara is an absolutely delight for giving stylish looks that complement her to the hilt… totally love this look.. she looks like a peach-n-roses beauty !

  2. Like we know, she can make a potato sack look good on her. Yes, her hair could have been better – but no doubt shes looking good and fresh.

  3. Like everyone said, Lara looks gorgeous without tons of make-up..and i would not have paired that purse with the flowy dress (not that I could afford a Chanel purse) but she totally makes it work!

  4. You know, when she first came onto the scene after Miss universe, i really was not a fan. I always felt that she had a snobby, snooty look about her… and because she has a large frame i always found her to be a bit manly. But these days she is hitting one after the other out the ball park… she’s looking great and she’s looking body fit as well! wow. what a transformation huh…. money and success really can upgrade!

  5. Hello Lara,

    I am fan of urs, doesnt mean everytime i will adore you.
    love your bag, face, toenail and simplicity, but that dress is so sandra from bandra

    • hahahahhahahahahah sandra from bandra? i literally laughed out loud.
      and yeah, i don’t like the dress much =S nor the look so much. i’m probably a minority here.

  6. Lara has has the highest score in the last Q&A section of Miss Universe till date. (Avg 9.99). And thats for a reason! Confident, beautiful, secure, elegant, graceful, charming. you name it, this woman has it!!! Watching her miss universe video on youtube still gives me goosebumps. In fact, even the emcees were repeating over and over again that Lara has an aura about her, she has that certain something about her. Sighh!!! I just love her!

  7. I think Lara seriously needs lessons on which handbags to buy. None of the bags ( and not that many) that I have seen on her, appeal.

    She seems to really go for those which prominantly display the brand name.

  8. She tweeted ” most of the clothes I wear are my own.only if I’m going to a BIG red carpet event do I wear outfits from designers.” (@DuttaLara)

  9. WOW…lovin the scrubbed clean and elegant look. Bips, Katrina and Kareena need lessons from her on lookin so smokin in just bout any damn thing.


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