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Having just walked for Maheka Mirpuri’s latest showing, it was no surprise to Ms. Dutta wear one of Maheka’s outfits to the premiere of her new movie.

While we do appreciate the fact that Lara never shies away from changing it up, wish she chose something that wasn’t sooooooo pink/peachy/coral. It’s hard to take it all in.

Look inside to see pictures of Lara from Maheka Mirpuri’s runway.


Lara Dutta At ‘Do Knot Disturb’ Premiere


Maheka Mirpuri

So puurty!


Lara Dutta For Maheka Mirpuri

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. she looks great on the runway. even though she is wearing the coral dress well in the AT premier, she is drowing in the dress. its too much fabric. but this woman always brings variety to her dressing!

  2. Agree, the bright monochrome is not working. I adore Laura’s fashion style, but there’s just something very uninteresting about her …she has the most awesome abs though 🙂

  3. Horrible…eyes hurt. Bad fitting, bad color(on her)….not working at all. It looks very dated…like granma’s salwar suit from the 70’s…

  4. Lara can soo carry off this colour, not everybody could. I adore the red saree with that blouse combination, its simple but looks incredibly stunning.

  5. Wow! She looks fabulous! At the premiere – the colour is nice and it suits her, her shoes go well too.

    On the runway, her face is absolutely stunning!! The lehnga isn’t all that, though.

  6. lets face it lara is looking her best these days . these pictures are proof that she cna wear the most ridiculous costume and still manage to look like a million bucks …. her face on the runway looks just flawless …. as someone said before jaw droppingly gorgeous …. more power to you lara….. P.S i was the first one to catch a candid shot of her off the runway on twitter … so suck it guys hahaha

  7. there’s something weird about maheka’s clothes – she seems to use stiff net or something and the borders always look the same.. very tacky – but Lara managed to make even the tacky outfit look passable.. She’s so gorgeous and exudes confidence.


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