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We’ve seen Ms. Manchu do way better… This appearance of hers however, is an unmitigated disaster. That color is just sooo wrong!

Lakshmi Manchu At Big FM’s Ganesh Chauturthi Celebrations

Photo Credit: Ragalahari

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  1. I actually liked the color on her, but the same colored leggings – oh no!!! and the whole cut of the kurta is so weird.and the fabric? oops… Looks like the top got tucked in by mistake… It is always a pain to see pretty ladies being let down by bad choice of clothes

  2. i don`t know, why don`t these celebrities think before the wear just the tag of designer does not make the dress adorable, she is looking weird

  3. what are those 3 odd looking pink things on the kurta.. what kind of design is that..?? add that to..oily hair & make-up..bad inner-wear.. odd color..weird cut..and silly footwear.. and lets not talk about the pairing of bangle and watch on the same hand and brown thingie on the other…totally missed the bus by a mile on this one..!!

  4. i actually like the color of the dress.
    if the styling was better the dress to would have looked better – instead of those sandals may be pink pumps, different earings other than those traditional earrings, no inner wear lines and well combed hair.


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