Shades Of Red

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I may be in the minority (maybe even the only one) but I am loving the satin red sari on Laila. Having seen Laila sport odd bustier looks almost all the time, this one was so different coming from her. Now, if only that blouse was less bustier-ish and more the regular style and the whole look would’ve been a Fab for me. This one is an Almost.

As for Maheep and Mandira, they sport the usual fare that we are so used to seeing that it doesn’t quite excite anymore.

Who is your favorite?

P.S. Mandira is in Ritu Kumar.

Laila Khan, Maheep Kapoor and Mandira Bedi at Sameer Soni and Neelam’s Wedding

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Actually the red sari does look real good on Laila…works well against her colour and I guess she wanted the jewellery to stand out therefore in tht case a plain red satin sari is a perfect ensemble.
    Btw how beautiful Maheep looks!

  2. totally agree, laila does look hot! i am sure its hard to pull off satin! im liking the bustier actually, maybe a regular blouse would’ve been too much cloth/satin. it kinda balances the red and whole lotta satin! and i am loving the necklace too!

  3. Dont care too much for Mandira or Laila. Maheep looks really good – makes a whole lot of difference wen te saree is worn right with a blouse that has more coverage than a bra

  4. laila’s necklace is adding the much needed glam to a otherwise plain saree n i like the colr on her too..maheep looks good ..i love her look n mandira needs to loose noodle strap/halter blouses..i like maheeps blouse the best..that’s xactly how it shd be..!!

  5. I love the combination of the sari and the jewellery on Laila, and even though the one-boob drape is annoying, she looks great.

    I love Maheep’s appearance. Very elegant, and love her mehendi.

    Mandira looks as she always does. I like her saree, just wish the blouse were in not her usual spaghetti style.

  6. I actually find Mandira’s saree and look the best of the three. Maheeps looks really ordinary, and while I like Lailas necklace, the saree is nothing amazing.

  7. I hate satin sarees, they look usually look awful, the middle ladies is very ordinary, something I’ve seen countless times before. I actually like Mandiras saree the best, its a classic Ritu style saree but it looks the most elegant – although I do wish she’d try a different blouse style once in a while.

  8. Payal I’m so glad you said you like it so I can agree with you! I saw it on twitter on my phone! I didn’t want to comment because I wasn’t in mood for hearing a bashing from everyone. But its so surprising that everyone loves it too! Hmm me thinks its time to bring back the madhuri style sari!

  9. Maheep looks the best for Indian wedding.
    Laila is the most beautiful lady at the reception, but don’t like the red satin bedsheet.
    Madira’s sari is lovely.


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