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In her custom Banarasi Monisha Jaising gown, Kriti brought some drama to the pink carpet. Smoky eyes, braided hair, Amrapali earrings and metallic pumps finished out the look well. She looked great! (The forced Angelina leg was unnecessary in every single photo but it didn’t take away from the fact that she owned and worked every bit of this look!)

Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. That looked like an artfully cut up or draped Banarasi silk. On the fence.

    Most of the outfits at this event look like Indian fabric meets baroque. Not sure what is Indian about most of it.

  2. This is Grecian meets wonder woman meets Indian rajkumari, and it works. Very creative way of using Indian fabrics designed in a futuristic way. She looks fab. The leg sticking out could be more subtle, it’s almost like she is going for a leg split but realised her outfit is not meant for stretching.

  3. This is superb, a great mix of Indian prints made into a dress.. I’m just bothered with her posing with a leg out so widely angled, could’ve slipped.

  4. How does Krit get away with such nice comments. Imagine Deepika and Sonam in this and the comment section without be something else.

    • Nobody would expect from Kriti what they’d from Deepika or Sonam, who have a better sense and system for their styling and looks. Really the comparisons are stupid.

  5. Kriti exudes a certain power in her dressing. Maybe her tall and lean stature, somehow I am liking her more and more as she does not have the trembling, damsel in distress, come hither expressions.

  6. she is reminding me of Angelina in one of the events decades ago. …showing leg out and trying out and it was getting covered again and again with heavy slit dress.
    Also her heavy brocade reminds me of some curtains… bedsheets or sofa covers. Inspite of all the she rocks it


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