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For promotions of Ajeeb Dastaans, Konkona sported a few series and while each one of them had my heart instantly, the Anavila was just wow! (Yes, I know, composition of that pic had a lot to do with loving it a bit more.)

Left: In Injiri
Center: In Raw Mango
Right: In Anavila

Photo Credit: Instagram

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  1. Love her in all, but yes the Anavila just takes my breath away. Nandita Das would’ve totally rocked this look as well. Very well put together and and as you say great photo composition to do even more justice!!

  2. Love! Understated style at its best. I can’t say which one I like more. The Cheongsam style saree in the center is interesting

  3. She looks absolutely gorgeous in all three. And I agree with Payal, she looks the most stunning in the Anavila; such a dreamy saree, tones, pose and photo (even if edited).

    Konkona sure serves us a much needed & a welcome change from all the contrived looks & poses we’ve seen from most of the other Bwood ladies.

  4. I love the first two looks and the Anavila one is staged beautifully. Kind of gives a Tagorean feel. But I will admit I don’t see the design component in Anavila’s pieces. Sure, she makes sustainable clothing but if you want me to pay 20k for a khadi saree, it should have some artistic element because just the textile (even accounting for the efforts that go into handweaving) cannot be this pricey. Can anyone enlighten me if I’m wrong?

    • Anavila is highly overrated. If Bollywood didn’t buy her sarees, then HHC wouldn’t feature the saree here nor it would be so highly priced (esp khadi). And Indians have been wearing such sustainable fashion since ages…so Ms. Anavila is not selling us anything new.

    • I agree that they are overpriced and so are so many other brands/designers. But come to think of it, there are people willing to pay that kind of money and money circulation is good. I am sure somewhere in the supply chain more people are getting benefitted vs if this money doesn’t circulate at all and sit in the wallets of wealthy. So I feel that these overpriced items are not necessarily bad in general for economy..
      HOWEVER, I do feel that the karigars/weavers don’t get their due in all of this. I wish they were paid well too.

  5. Personal taste perhaps. Photos don’t do Anavila sarees justice, imo. Up close, they have a classic, simple, very pared back sort of beauty that wasn’t very commonly seen in sarees until she entered the scene. Very sophisticated, contemporary, but still gracefully elegant.
    And good linen to me is even more luxurious than silk.

    • I get the textile, but where is the design component? What role does Anavila Mishra play in creating this garment? What does her sketch look like? I like the understated look a lot, perhaps more than Raw Mango in some cases, but I just don’t get the design angle.


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