Match And Contrast

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Koena Mitra attended the Waves concert wearing a Rajat Tangri yellow dress with yellow pumps and contrasts with a pink Jimmy Choo clutch (and pink nails). On any other day I wouldn’t mind the yellow and pink contrast, but pairing the dress with yellow pumps and the pink nails was a wee bit much for me as was the showing off the clutch. It feels like she is a model showcasing a bag.


Koena Mitra at Waves Concert


Jimmy Choo Candy Acrylic Clutch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Maybe the store borrowed her the clutch on the condition she “show it off”….
    Happens all the time…stars get freebies and the sellers get free publciity/advertising….

      • Maybe the store that sells the clutch in Mumbai/India…so more clients will come to buy one…
        A seasoned red carpet celebrity (mostly Hollywood) would know how to make it noticeable without “in your face” posing….I doubt Koena is one of them…

  2. I lover her dress, shoes, & clutch as seperate pieces. Not all together though. I wouldve loved to see her wear nude or grey pumps. & Anyone notice how much she resembles Bipasha Basu & Isha Koppikar?

  3. wow! i first thought this was Bipasha Basu! this girl was so much prettier before she did u know what to her face!
    anyway, the whole “look at me, I am carrying a cool bag” thing is very cheap…it’s a classic case of brands owning YOU instead of you owning the brand!

  4. I like the dress, that is all. Her face looks much better now than a year ago. I think it is all settling down. I am not a fan of bipasha, but Bips looks much better than her.

  5. Her expression is frozen in all three pictures. Are you sure that she is not actually trying to sell that clutch? Why else would she be holding it like that!!
    I love the yellow dress and the pumps..the pink clutch is a bit much.

  6. Hmm… Koena’s face looks less …. weird. Usually, I can’t get past the face, to look at the outfit. She looks like a white bipasha. The hair is really great on her, the bangs really soften her face. Dress is cute too.

  7. I like the dress ..quite nice .. but somehow my big problem with Koena is her bangs.. they make her look like a grown up trying to be a teen star… and agree she looked better before..

  8. The dress is cute and her decolletage looks good and I love the summery yellow color. Lose the clutch and the pumps. Are those silicone boobs??


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