Knockout Knockoffs?

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Nine West “Heech”
Balenciaga “Gladiator”

A few days ago, I had asked everyone to identify which shoe was an original and which was a knockoff! And, here are the answers!
But, for under $100, would you give up on wearing one of these, just because they are knock offs?

Exhibit 1-Balenciaga “Lego”

Exhibit 2-Steve Madden “Bukled”

Exhibit 3: Nine West “Olavera”

Exhibit 4: Gucci “Sevigny”

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  1. I am not much of a fashionista but I thought Nine West was a good brand. So do they copy famous designers? Is it not worth to spend money on Nine West shoes and bags? I have bought couple and now I am confused.

  2. Balenciaga Lego and Steve Madden buckled are both UGLY never mind how much or how little they cost. I wouldnt let even my corpse be seen in them.

    Nice west was obviously a knockoff because a high end shoe would never have a different colored instep than the outside (Vamp) of the show, unless it was a real design element. Even so, I have to say Nine West does good knockoffs and they are a staple in my attire, cause the prices are great for a pretty decently made shoe.

    Kiran from NYC

  3. Totally agree with Kiran above – Balenciaga Lego and Steve Madden buckled are both an eyesore – I mean do people actually WEAR these things? Hideous!!!

  4. Meena,
    Nine West is a good brand. Not all their designs are knockoffs.

    Kiran and Manisha,
    Weirdly, I actually like the Balenciaga.. It is colorful and edgy to look at..Would I wear em? hmm.. probably not..I think if you look you will find that Beyonce has worn the Balenciaga..

  5. I like both Balenciaga Lego and Gladiator out of all, although I would prefer Gladiator in black.
    I am contradicting most of your views, but if I could afford, I would actually wear the Balenciaga Lego even though it’s from last year. My only concern is the pain I may have to bear as I don’t wear heels often and especially not that high.


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