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Wonder what is goin on Ms. Shetty’s mind as she looks at Gauri? Ideas?


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  1. Shilpa thought

    ” Damn, If I was SRk’s wife I would wearing those diamonds, she is pure ugly… look at sexy and succesful !”

  2. “Gauri- Tumhare paas gaadi hai, mannat bangla hai, badi bank balance aur SRK hai…lekin mere paas Big Brother hai! ha!”

  3. “Damn! don’t understand why they picked her over me for the cover of vogue! from where i am looking at things i just see someone a few feet too short with fake hair extensions and a fake tan”

  4. SRK may be your husband,
    but he’s more
    Karan’s lover,
    Kolkota’s owner,
    Santro/i10’s brand endorser,
    television’s favorite anchor,
    and my big brother…

  5. Can I deviate from the question asked and point out that Gauri’s wearing a numerology arm-band? it’s supposed to be the latest thing in Bollywood, a craze well supported by Kajol, Tanisha, Shamita Shetty and the likes – guess you need a mayjah reason to don the fugly thing. wonder what Gauri needs luck for – she’s got oodles of it, from the looks of her life.

  6. I want to deviate too ! Each time I see Mrs Khan’s pic my maternal hormones make me itch to give her a good scrub and put her in pajamas and lock her in her room ! Ugggggggghhhhhh. As her bank balance increases she gets uglier !

  7. Shes thinking….” Let the Tranny from Bankok Contest begin! Im going to win! No perhaps her… no me.., no she is… no I am… me.. me… me…. waaaahhhh!”

    Kiran from NYC

  8. Shilpa: “now how did SHE manage to get SRK?”
    oh and on another topic…well srk also wears them, so of course his wife would too! the numerology bracelet.
    anyway, u can never have too much luck! πŸ˜› as we get richer and better off, we become more scared of losing everything.

    maybe it’s for the kkr…they finally won a game!

  9. I think everybody is jealous coz she is Shahrukh’s wife .. she is maintaining the style to be a icon’s wife if she wont dress up fashionable then everyone will say she is so outdated types …its not that I m a big fan of hers or srk but give her a break as she tries to fit in this glam world ..atleast she is not trying to enter film industry like other talentless relatives of film star…

  10. It is so dissapointing, the caption this section really shows up a chauvinsitic mentality. GOOD LOOKS are not the only thing that can make a man worthy of a woman. GEt A LIFE


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