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Also present at the Awards night was Kiran, who for the evening picked Drashta. Having seen the way the dress was presented, we do wish it was a wee bit shorter and not as stiff on Kiran as well. That and the choice of slingbacks (with the dress) aside, she fared well. The look overall may not have been a ten but Kiran looked good.

Additional pictures inside.

Kiran Rao In Drashta At GQ Best Dressed Men 2014-1

Far Left: Drashta A/W 2014
Centre, Right: Kiran Rao At GQ Best Dressed Men 2014

Kiran Rao In Drashta At GQ Best Dressed Men 2014-2

Kiran Rao At GQ Best Dressed Men 2014

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. I can’t agree with you more on the length of the skirt. It would’ve been a ten on ten look had it been a tad bit shorter and minus that ugly clutch. But she looks exceptionally good nevertheless. Quirky, fun and the colour suits her.

  2. She’s trying too hard…designer labels and sophisticated is not her cup of tea. She should stick to jholi bags and Pajamas.. Hippie style….she’ll look authentic in them.

    • What do you mean by authentic?? To fit a certain image of her that you have in your head?
      I think she looks terrific. The colour is an unusual choice and I’m glad for it. I love the length, just not the shoes and clutch.

      • Agree completely!
        While I agree the look could have been much better, I do not understand why she needs to stick to a certain type of styling and how that would make her authentic. A person can dress the way they want – Indian, Western, Hippie and still be the same person.
        This is just bad styling period.

      • What she means is this is a look more up Kangy baby’s alley…. Kangana would have owned this look. Kiran needs to change the U_ G _L_Y hairsyle and glasses which make this look of hers off!

  3. I love the styling on the model, I wish Kiran was styled similarly. A slightly shorter dress would’ve done wonders to Kiran’s look.

  4. Weird length but lovely color. I think Kiran chooses quirky over regular and that justifies the length. Slingbacks doing no justice here. But people should stop being so judgemental because she is not trying to be someone else. Appreciate that about her.

  5. I differ from other comments here. I think somehow everything comes together quite well here and Kiran as always pulls it off well.

  6. @monika How can a grown woman looking like a schoolgirl ever be in a good way? I think we should stop infantilizing women.
    Kiran looks nothing like a school girl, and seems to me to be going for the midi skirt trend. That said, as others have pointed out, it doesn’t quite work because of the choice of shoes. Still, Kiran manages to look nice, and quite comfortable in her skin, actually.

    • I agree with you KT. Runway version of this dress doesn’t make it stand out. Midi length makes it dressy. I think proportions are working great on her. She looks great! Plus I love her confidence. You can tell she feels pretty in this dress 🙂 Could have gone with a different shoe but oh well!

  7. she should do something about her hair ……n she love experimenting however it does not do any good to her …… n the shoes does not compliment the dress….n OMG she is in GQ Best Dressed Men 2014……hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


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