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Kiara gave us ‘dressed-up, dressed-down’ versions of an essentially similar aesthetic while out in Mumbai recently.

Of the ‘dressed-down’ look- neither the denim jacket, nor the Chanel espadrilles or the Dior tote really did anything to deflect from the fact that the separates really were just activewear. And the whole mix was a touch odd! In comparison, Kiara had a lot more success with the (relatively more) dressed-up version. Teaming the beige-toned separates with another denim jacket, she rounded out the look with platform sneakers and a tan clutch.

P.S: See her wear the beige wide-leg trousers in another color here.

Kiara Advani

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Haha! These are like when you need to pick up bread – so you pick up the closest jacket and random shoes and wear them over whatever blah stuff you are wearing already and step out. Only, in place of the crops, it would be raggedy tee in most cases. I am ignoring the earrings over the workout capris here.

  2. These are atrocious. Just really really bad. The elastic waistband on the beige pants make them look like loungewear/sleepwear and the orange leggings are just plain unseemly. And the ugly, ugly, ugly Dior bag.

    Just wear a jeans and shirt. Casual dressing cannot be this hard to figure out.

  3. I’ve had men in India always stare at the crotch area whenever i’ve worn tights with regular slightly shorter tee’s(forget wearing a tube top or anything showing my midriff)making me feel really uncomfortable and disgusted. Thereon, I then made sure to always wear slightly longer ones with tights whenever worn anywhere besides the gym.

    • These people don’t face the regular Indian crowd or live in our reality. Have you seen how in general bollywood dresses? One one hand it is sad that the society in general is very arcane in its expectations of clothing and behavior of women, but on the other, it is funny to see these pages and watch these “stars” live and dress as if they live in LA.
      I have questioned this many times when I see ppl wear ridiculously short dresses, extremely revealing clothes or sometimes not much clothing at all and step out to go to restaurants, gyms, bars, salons etc. They really live in a bubble. That’s why when someone wears a very stylish piece of clothing that mere mortals can us also look good in and flaunt, it garners so much appreciation and love.
      Sorry forgot to actually comment on the post – bad bad looks. Kiara needs a style intervention pronto!

  4. If she knew she was going to be featured for her ‘looks’ when she stepped out to buy bread or milk or tomatoes or whatever the poor girl might have taken a little more effort. I pity the celebrities, but it goes with the job I guess!

    • I think she has made the effort, just that it looks a right mess!
      If its only to corner shop, even throwing on a pair of jeans and a nice t-shirt will look way better than that.

  5. Earrings and espadrilles with activewear capris and sports bra. I guess thats what happens when you rather be strolling at the beach but instead have to hit the gym 😛
    Can’t really blame her because one of those lockdown days I got so desperate to dress up and head out, I wore a borderline partywear attire complete with heels to the essentials grocery market, the only place that was then open to the public ! Lol

  6. This is running to the door to collect the grocery delivery after grabbing whatever worn clothes that are hanging behind the door looks. Pathetic! Definitely not worth the post!


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