Twinkle Khanna In BCBG

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Twinkle sure wears it well doesn’t she? Always restrained and understated.

But, wasn’t she at home when Akshay was getting dressed for the same event?

twinkle-khanna-khatron-ka-khiladi-bash-black-dress1.jpg twinkle-khanna-black-bcbg-dress-khatron-ka-khiladi-bash.jpg

Left: Twinkle Khana At The Khatron Ka Khiladi Bash
Right: Buy BCBGMAXAZRIA Satin Halter Tiered Dress

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  1. Agree with salzie.. haven’t seen her in indian clothes in a long time.. But she does look gorgeous, doesn’t she? I guess she has learnt to dress so elegantly coz hubby dear dresses so OTT most of the times!!

  2. Twinkle is looking more gorgeous with every single day…she’s lost more weight and looks perfectly fit. For a man as dashing and handsome as Akshay, he really disappointed…and what’s up with so many indian actors with shaved chests? where’s the manliness? shaved chest to me is soooo gayish.

    anyways, twinkle gets my vote for the best dressed Indian celebrity this year!!

  3. WOW! Twinkle looks gorgeous. You have to hand it to the lady for being understated yet elegant at all times. I guess it helps to have a mom like Dimple.

  4. Twinkle is a classy dresser, but I think she changed her style after she got married, she wasn’t as well-dressed when she used to act. Maybe it has something to do with becoming an interior designer? And I think she probably styles Akshay too, as he’s usually well-dressed, but don’t know what happened to him here? It could be he was trying to recreate the leopard look he had for the promo of Khatron Ke Khiladi except he had the real animal there!

  5. If i remember right, Queenie Dhody wore a whitish, peachish sort of version of the same dress. It’s also in one of the recent Society issues.


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