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Ladies who played sisters on screen, whether intentionally or not, showed up in animal print at their movie’s ‘success’ bash! While Kareena went with a Cavalli’esque top, Kaykashan chose a Dolce and Gabanna dress, version of which that was also seen on Malaika and Shilpa previously!



Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. fugly and fuglier. Did I mention that KI was a crass, chauvinistic peice of rubbish? What success exactly are they celebrating? The one where every critic bashed the movie?
    Neither look works for me. At all

  2. um…neither?
    I’m not a big Cavalli girl, and those jeans make her look stumpy :/ It’s why I refuse to wear anything other than skinnies. Kakashan’s neckline is very unflattering as well. I love a good animal print when pulled off right (nothing is more fierce) but…it’s rare to come across.

  3. I hate this maternity-ish top on Kareena! Don’t like those jeans either..and I think the shoes are the same ones she wore with the ripped jeans

  4. Kareena – Sad choice of Jeans and I dont even wanna start on those hidious shoes.

    Kay(who-ever) shan – WOman your toes are Sliding out of your shoes.

  5. Ooooo… I just noticed Kareena’s lower body is exactly the size of her upper body. Girl go easy on the eye liner unless you are trying to play the tiger

  6. I like Kareena’s top and would like to get ideas on what else could be paired with other than just the regular blue jeans. I still think that Kareena looks good. Kaykashan is cute… but the outfit makes her look like she is stuffed in animal skin. I don’t like her clutch paired with that dress as well.

  7. I’ve never liked leopard print and considered it a little over the top but Kaykashan (whoever that is) looks damn hot and comfortable in that dress.

  8. I cant believe i’m sayin this but i think kahkashen is wearin the look better than la bebo!
    those denims and sandals!! god save us!

  9. I like the Kareena top better…maybe because I just hated Kaykashan’s performance in the film ahaha….she should stick to being a socialite and not an actress.

  10. some people might think i’m strange, but I love the way kareena is posing!! LOL

    Not into the top much, but with the simple jeans looks good.

    The other lady’s dress is nicer than shilpa’s and malaika’s version, but this dress is sooooo SHILPA, she would have looked more wow!

  11. i like the dress and i thin she wears it well (like the shoes too…not so much the clutch)

    kareena’s top is ok i guess…but dont like the shoes

  12. Kareena looks pretty nice here! I like her look – I suppose the jeans would look better if the were skinny jeans but I love her look and her face looks nice too. As for the other woman, she doesn’t look to bad either just wish the ruffle down her dress disappeared..I have a similar dress and have received numerous compliments on it

  13. the clutch probably looks fake because it’s in satin, which immediately lends a certain cheapness to any type of a handbag or other such variation.

    i do like kareena’s top and kaykashan’s shoes. i don’t think her toes are spilling out of them either. kareena’s shoes, not so great, at least from this picture.

  14. Haha, I have said this so many times and I’ll say it again!
    What is up with Kareena’s obsession with raccoon eyes? UGH! She really needs to lay off the eyeliner!
    Now, the clothes, I really like her top but the jeans are kinda fugly and the hair is just lifeless. About Kahkashan, her dress is cute but ruined cos of sad choice of accessories.


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