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And we thought the half-tucked casual look (see next post) was bad! Little did we know, it was gonna get worse. Much much worse!

Catch more pics from the event at ‘The Gallery’.


Katrina Kaif at ‘New York’ Press Meet

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Lol you know what, this is one of those “Stars are just so hot” moments where.. if I was 12 years old, I would look at Katrina and die for this outfit. It’s one of those “I thought it was so hot when I was young” looks. I hope that makes sense

  2. LOL!!! What was she thinking?

    Oh wait, she wasn’t when she wore those boots and strapped on that cardigan. It’s too funny to see Ms. Kaif come like this at a PRESS MEET? meh, anything is possible in BW…

  3. Wow this just goes to show how TERRIBLE her sense of style is..just because she looks nice in the occasional dress doesn’t mean she is entitled to get on ANY style list ever except for worst dressed ever. This is just horrendous.

  4. What was she thinking?
    Maybe she was cold and that cardigan was in the car from the night before and she figured she’ll just throw it on. Or….
    she saw sophie chaudhry from a few nights before and thought she should have something on to pull up her sleeves all well.
    I don’t know I mean there has to be some reason why a reasonably sensible person throws together an outfit like this.

  5. With an array of every likely piece and color of everything an actor probably has in their wardrobe, hard to imagine anyone having trouble finding something co-ordinating. But perhaps she just didn’t have the time or mood and threw together something that she knew isn’t really great but she did it anyway. Atleast it isn’t gaudy and her sweetness helps.

  6. The first time I saw this pic was in a newspaper and it wasn’t full length so all I thought was “that cardign does not gp with that dress”.

    Now I’m in shock.


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