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Katrina attended the premiere of a movie today wearing a red Victoria Beckham dress with tan mules. Not much to write home about, frankly. But, to be honest, I don’t expect much from Ms. Kaif these days.

Katrina Kaif

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. But why even expect more from a guest at someone else’s movie premier? I agree she doesn’t experiment, but at least she dresses sensibly and appropriately, and in clothes that she carries off well. We’ve got too used to the industry dressing to the hilt in bling and bras for everything from a press meet to house parties and festivals, that we find basic, normal looks lacking.

    • Exactly! What’s wrong is dressing a particular style. We can see that she obviously likes clean, neat and non fussy garments. That’s her style, as simple as that. I love this look!

    • Well said. She likes to keep it elegant and classy. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. Quite the contrary really. Thankfully the god-awful Bollywood dressing hasn’t reached her. I love she chooses being different by dressing normally.

  2. Lets just say she likes to be in a safe and a tried and tested zone.Nothing wrong with that.Maybe give a pause and not cover her as much untill its something more eye grabbing

    • I always find her elegant and graceful in the way she dresses.
      She is never OTT, never tries to steal anyone’s thunder (especially considering its someone else’s big day), she is always respectful towards any event she attends, she carries herself with utmost charm.
      One of those Rare and sensibly dressed stars.

  3. Why would you say that? Lately she’s been rocking sarees like never before… that wasn’t her at all… you just mean she hasent been undressed to the nines like the rest of bollywood?

  4. I am really liking the dresses she has been wearing recently, they all complement her figure. She really does justice to this dress and the cherry on the cake are the shoes, they look great.

  5. I feel sad when fashion bloggers are bored of classic and elegant dressing and don’t point out major fashion atrocities like OTT tacky disasters happening everyday. C’mon guys, Katrina dresses simply, always flattering, never in your face, and it’s exactly what Bollywood needs! Her sari looks have been just as amazing as her sheaths. She never overdresses and has a minimalistic style that is so rare, it’s always a palate cleanser to see someone not trying to show off their banging body. Maybe this blog itself has become Bollywood-ized?

  6. At one point of time this was best dressed, times have changed and expecting a full look with too many elements is now dressing up. Can’t complain cause she doesn’t do more than required and does way better than most.


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