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Wearing Gucci, Alia attended the GQ Men Of The Year awards on Wednesday evening. While the outfit was simple and she wore it well, you can’t get me to like those platform loafers. They just look so awkward.

Also, her wearing Gucci shouldn’t be a suprise to anyone given she is the brand ambassador.

Alia Bhatt

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  1. The color is delish ! The dress as is would stand out more on somebody with toned legs. Her straight hair look better with the dress.Keeps the look fresh.The footware can be seen as something added to giveuplift the look os they are fine here

  2. The playsuit (?) looks great on the model, but I feel it wasn’t tailored properly for Alia? It looks like Gucci just gave her the outfit without customizing it. She also looks uncomfortable, but it’s maybe just these pictures.
    The less said about the shoes, the better. Overall, another miss from Alia donning Gucci.

  3. This is a rare bad move from her.
    The dress does not fit her well at all and hence looks like it has not been stitched properly.
    The platforms are awful with bare legs. I did love her sleek hair and the brown toned make up. Flawless, but only neck up.

  4. Alia could have done so much better. Although the outfit was nice it just didn’t fit her right. She looked awkward and she looked uncomfortable pulling that dress off.

  5. Couldn’t recognize her. Dint like the look at all.
    The hair cut and hair color are taking away the innocent/playful look which she generally has.
    The neck line is too deep makes dress look cheap and its too short, doesn’t suit her.

  6. Oh dear – that is a hideous dress and does not suit Alia, at all. Kind of looks like a stretched banyaan (and a case of missing bottoms).

  7. I love her new haircut. The dress is ok, what ruins this look are the shoes. From my own experience I can say that platforms do not look good on petite frames. It destroys the proportions.

  8. I can imagine someone tall and statuesque like Deepika or Diana rocking this look. Alia is petite and has an innocent cute aura about her. This forceful sexy looks don’t suit her at all!

  9. What’s there to like?
    Sleek hair but an attempt at creating a “chic-polished” look with that dress but quite a fail, add to that the chunkiest shoes you can get – the look totally lacks any semblance of thought. And quite obviously, because apart from the hair, everything else is just borrowed off the runaway look.

    Alia’s height is definitely coming in way of the impact that this look can deliver. The model looks great!

  10. The only thing good about this look is the color. The insta videos had her tugging and pulling her dress from the back and she overall didnt look like she owned this look, the fit is weird making her look very broad around the middle.

    She needs to find the right look for her Gucci appearances they all seem to have something or the other off


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