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A dress we just saw used in an editorial on Deepika Padukone made it’s way onto Katrina Kaif at a recent Awards show red carpet… ooops!

First, it was the same dresses being used across the magazines, and now it’s A-list actresses being seen in the same dress as others much too soon… where have all the stylists gone?

Barring the snafu, what did y’all think of this dress on Ms. Kaif? For us, more than anything else, it’s a major relief from the recent tween mode she’s been in. But even thaaat doesn’t excuse those shoes with that dress. 😛


Left: Monisha Jaising, Couture Week
Centre And Right: Katrina Kaif At Cosmo Awards, 2009


Left: Monisha Jaising, Couture Week
Centre: Deepika Padukone For Verve Nov 09
Right: Katrina Kaif At Cosmo Awards, Nov 09

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Verve Online

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  1. Good to see her in non tween clothes, but this is making her look heavier. Maybe the black part is too high?

    Deepika did look stunning in the shoot.

    • lol you compariring a magazine shoot (extremely airbrushed and whitened) to real life pic ( no photoshopping or no extra lighting) ??? how stupid is that?

      • TRUE why are people comparing a real life picture to magazine shoot..? if deepika wore the dress in a event and then people compared them both – it would be understandable.. its totally different picture.. you can see how much they brightened deepika’s picture and how much they airbrushed her hands and her waist where as katrina’s picture is from event and there is no airbrushing or skin whitened. even then katrina looks much better.

      • No, I am not comparing the two, so hold off the name calling. I just stated that Deepika shoot is good. This way I am giving credit to the photographer, photo editor, stylist, etc. for making Deepika look good in that dress. The cut of the dress, esp the black part is very unflattering, and making Katrina look wide despite the amazing bod.

        • I don’t get why you guys have to comment on Deepika’s shoot being “lightened”. What does that have to do with how the dress looks on the two? If anything the dress would look better in its original colour so Deepika is at a disadvantage. I don’t like Katrina’s makeup… her foundation for her face is too light when compared to her tanned/airbrushed with makeup body.

  2. the skirt part doesn’t look that good, the sequins don’t match with the top, it makes it look heavier.
    i preferred the editorial because the skirt is not really visible. the gold top is really pretty though

  3. I think the whole outfit works. Hair could be better but the shoes are cool — gives it some edge. I like it. Glad to see her out of all that tween-wear like you guys said. It looked like someone older trying to look younger and cutesy and that’s not cute :/

  4. Finally, Kat has put the dolly clothes away! Yay! The shoes don’t work with the dress, but I am just so happy she dressed her age I don’t care!
    Deepika looks nice too.

  5. she looks stunning – and i completely agree with samira – i love her figure and how she embraces her gorgeous curves

    and honestly i like those shoes with the dress – not sure why they’re wrong

  6. i have just come across this website, i heard of it from Katrina Kaif in an interview on B4U. She mentioned how you always pick on her,i just thought that she must be exaggerating but you know what, she was right so far the post i have read regards to katrina have all been criticizing her. She can never seem to do the right thing. I’m actually not a fan of hers myself, but that doesn’t give me the right to criticize her on everything. Come on give the poor girl a break!!!!!!!!


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