Katrina Kaif On Vogue: (Un)Covered

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It’s a record third time for Ms. Kaif and this time, she graces the Vogue Nov 09 cover in a shimmering bordeux colored Chanel Couture gown.

We think the color is striking and Katrina looks good but have the same ol’ complaint…when will the Bollywood reign end over at Vogue offices?


Left: Chanel Couture Fall 2009
Right: Katrina Kaif For Vogue Nov 09

Photo Credit: Style

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  1. Seriously bored of these celebs on vogue. Are we really short of models in India??
    Why cant they do a cover with some of the leading indian models.

    • american vogue does the same. in the last 4/5 years i’ve seen very few issues with models on them.
      either indian vogue is copying american vogue or its vogue policy to feature only movie actors.
      katrina looks lovely…i would like to read the article on ‘save our sari’ :))

  2. EXACTLY!!!! vogue needs to step up! OR CHANGE THEIR BORING EDITOR! they really only have a handful of people on their covers and in their mag!
    katrina deepika bipasha – karan sharukh / gauri.
    its getting so monotonus

  3. It’s the Anna Wintour strategy. The Bollywood reign will end when issues with models/ people with better personal style (on their covers) start selling as well as the ones with Katrina do. Individual style has very little to do with the economics of magazine covers. Also, she has a movie coming out in November. Or two. That’s always a good excuse.

    She’s beautiful, but Vogue always gives her the heavily-photoshopped treatment. I wonder why.

    • I was going to say the same thing! It’s all about what sells, and it’s been shown that the covers with regular models etc. don’t sell nearly as well as one’s as one’s graced by these actresses. I would put the link to all those statistics up here but I don’t think comments with links get approved?

      I think vogue would definitely sell covers with other strong female personalities who are NOT just models because frankly, models on covers ARE boring!

  4. Why is everyone going on about photoshop! she looks 100% like herself, they even kept her a healthy size.

    she looks great and the colouring of the cover is fab, purple and silver/white, love it!

  5. How come no-one complaints when they brighten and photoshop Aish, Priyanka, Sonam, Deepika? Stop complaining! She doesn’t normally appear on fashion mags, this was first time this year. She was once India’s supermode so she have every bit right to be therel! I have seen many celebs appearing on Vogue!

    And about photohop – THEY DO IT WITH EVERY SINGLE MAGAZINES. Please show me one magazine where an bollywood actress cover page is not photoshopped.

    She looks so pretty…… DROP DEAD GORGEOUS

    Her eyes are sparkling……Just beautiful……..I say Vogue’s best cover yet!…..I am not her big fan but I appreciate beauty lol

  6. love it
    the best vogue cover yet
    there is a reason why vogue got her to do the cover – IT LOOKS DAZZLING and she sells!
    she is by far the prettiest girl i ever seen =)

  7. I think this is her best Vogue India cover yet. But seriously, I’m so bored of seeing her on Vogue!!! 3 times in the past 2 years- that’s crazy! People at the Vogue offices are pretty obsessed with her. They need to consider what the public thinks of Bollywood constantly on the cover.

  8. My God, enough with the colored contacts! It seems like this is a practice that only exists in Indian magazines. I don’t think that Katrina’s natural eye color would have taken away from the cover.


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