In Twos

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Of the two, I definitely prefer the appearance from the Couture Week. The dress completely washes Karisma out and just is so drab. The hair though is certainly interesting and begs for a Fifties, full-skirted dress.

Karisma Kapoor
Far Left, Left: At HDIL Couture Week 2010, Mumbai
Right, Far Right: At Urvashi Kaur’s Show, Delhi

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani, Karan Thapa

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  1. she is looking nice in both.
    she should have added any cream/silver accessory along with that dress.
    I agree on the hair, that hair style might have suited a long dress rather than this small one.

  2. she looks lovely in both. one never sees her in a short, tight dress, with breast jetting out. Always appropriate, always classy. I love her style. I do not want to diss the mumbai fashion scene, but I think the little time she spends in Delhi has had a positive impact

    • hahahaha yes…like a certain SRImati 😛

      I guess because Delhi is not the Bwood/Fashionista Capital…people tend to take it a bit easier there…Mumbai, you have to be on your toes.
      Obivously this is just me chucking darts…I’ve never lived in either cities

  3. u galzzz need to take it eazy . . . comon , i mean she looks oh so wonderful . . . i doubt any one cud have radiated the aura n exuberance az good az her , that colour iz complimenting her skin tone . . . she hardly looks a day over 26 and she looks mind blowing . . . m not a karisma fan , more of a sush person . . . 🙂

  4. Holy smokes! she is a mother of two and has no right looking this gorgeous 🙂

    loved both the looks but prefer the red one better on her skin tone! and that pulled back and bright red lipstick is adding an oomph! to the whole look! LOVE LOVED IT


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