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Seeing Karishma with a Bottega Hobo (also seen on Kareena and her BFF Amrita) makes us wonder who influences whom, when it comes to fashion?

What do you think? ( Am leaning towards Karishma.)

You can also see the sisters in the YSL Tributes here.


Karishma Kapoor at an event for Shakti Bhog


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  1. A bit of an aside, The Bottega bag reminds me. A couple of years ago I spotted Karishma shopping in the Singapore Airport. She is a very keen shopper. Went through the Bottega store, Ferrari, Polo etc. She was very meticulous. Looks like she picks things out very well.

    Though, she is really super-petite. I am 5’6″ and she looked tiny next to me.

  2. she looks unremarkable. but at least not bad. okay fine, definitely good when compared to others. but i am just wondering if she wore that belt thing on top of her shirt, or is it stitched in? in any case, i feel like it might be a bit too matchy with the woven bottega.

  3. she looks really stunning! i want to look like that when i’m older.
    @ PeachBellini: I think the belt complements the bag completely.
    does anyone know how she does her hair like that (without letting a parting come through)??

  4. @ k=

    i guess i am just undecided about the belt and bag together. the weave in the bottega is a focal point in itself, so the belt is almost a bit distracting. but i can see how one might like them together. needless to say, karisma is intelligent in her clean cut, safe style. better be safe and classic than outlandishly ridiculous at the expense of looking bad.

    about her hair, i feel that maybe she just sprays it really well, so it stays up like that, so the part doesn’t show.

  5. WOW! Lolo looks superb! she cud give any actress 2de a run for her money! but 4d life of me i cant pin point what work Lolo has had done on her face for her features to become SO drasitcally better in the last 5-6 yrs! she dint have such looks before….u guys have any idea? she’s gotten her brows thinned out (THANK GOD!) but anything else is very hard to detect!

  6. simple and safe …she looks good .. bag and belt look good together …

    I guess it is karishma leading other ladies in the family or may be lending her bags for a function or two ..

  7. When I look at her, I find it hard to believe she is that dorky girl from Prem Qaidi, everyone used to say she looks like a ‘man’ back then. She has come a long way…
    Karishma is the influence definitely IMO.

  8. She look absolutely delicious. simplicity should be her middle name and gorgeous is what she is. I read somewhere, she is 5’4. Taller than average but shorter than the models.


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