1. Is it me or is it kareena.. i am blind…. that color is hurting my eyes… and whats with her blouse and she look like starved for days… that women can do better… and her nails…. :(

  2. omg.. has she had facework done? her lips look way plumper and then something is diff with her cheekbone structure.. i wish she wudnt play with her face… her natural face is soooo pretty and even with her tashan skinny bobble head look her face still looks sweet.. but this pic makes me shudder because of how her face looks..

    other than that outfit is interesting.. i love the yellow.. i dont even mind the blouse honestly cos thats what goes with these kind of saris.. its a repeat look though .. same like her filmfare award look – and that was better cos her face didnt look weird..

  3. I like the fact she’s wearing a sari. No one else but her in indian attire attended the party i think. I’ve always loved kareena but her cheeks look sunken in. Her figure looks fab but she needs fat on her face!

  4. I think I’m blinded. If this is pretty then all the WTHeyyy’s are good too then. Too yellow, too drably worn, and her look makes it seem she was forced to wear this sari because Manish Malhotra is the only desi designer she’s BFF’s with. Gross yaar.

  5. At first it was a little too yellow for me but upon a closer look, I liked it on her. She is wearing it well. Don’t like that white stuff on the bottom though. It’s looking so jumbled. It could have been more sparse.

  6. Oh and I have to comment on the nails. I do not like those long nails, tat too red, they are irritating. She should have kept them short..more chic-er.

  7. She looks weird in the 2 and 3 pics.Is she suckin in her already sunken cheeks because when you try to do that, your lips look a lil fuller just like hers does. Anyhooo…I love yellow and she wears it well

  8. I don’t like this yellow, wish it was a little lighter. The lipstick is also too pale.
    I can’t figure out how these actresses look chubby and skinny within a period of a few days. I remember her last pic, her cheeks looked so filled out!

  9. very fresh color…yellow is the “in” color this spring

    and her saree is not vulgar (like smeone said here)…infact, its drapped perfectly… palu is not between the boobs like so many others out there do it

  10. i am getting dizzy with all the colors on her.. her green earrngs, her bright yellow saree, her silver border, her golden blouse and the icing- her red nails…yikes!
    i think she put a lil too much blush on.. but her face does look fresh

  11. put this saree on vidya balan.. n immediately it becomes a WTHeyyy !! ..

    its kareena’s attitude n look tat makes the saree work ..

    hate the saree … kareena makes it look good !

  12. her face looks amazing. i do hope it’s all natural. she’s too young to make alterations. the blouse is horrible but the sari and earrings are nice. the nails are yucky.

  13. The only thing that I like here is her choice of earrings. Hate the colour, the sari, the nails and the blouse.
    But, Kareena STILL looks pretty…!!

  14. she went to recieve a woman of substance award from erin (not julia roberts the real gun) brockovich in this outfit… i would be surprised if erin just did not reel in shock when she saw her… hahaha!
    shes pretty but too thin n too tacky!

  15. Lollipop head and too much bling. She should have kept a diff nail polish color. I love Kareena’s look with some weight. She looks youthful and glamorous. Should not be hard to go back to it.

  16. Yes, I agree… the yellow and the simple design of the sari really complements her.

    But her face …. :( I miss the Kareena with a fuller face, and more curves…. she’s lost her sheen since her stupid weight loss.

  17. She looks like a hungry fish with those lips. (In pic 2 and 3). I hope this is just the camera angle/bad makeup because she is looking good on the first picture.

    She is going/Nicole Richie —> Kiera Nightly—> Allegra Versace way which is not very good.

  18. She looks beautiful in this saree.

    In my opinion she looks better now, after her weight loss. I can see her arms looking rounder – they’ve always been a problem – they don’t go with her tiny frame.

  19. Lovely sari! I think the colour yellow is kind of on everyone’s mind right now because of Freida’s scarf in Slumdog Millionaire. Or is it just me? I’ve been scouring shops looking for perfect yellow things to buy. It may be this never-ending winter :(
    But yes, I love her sari and the nail colour. I wish she’d smile though, she looks terribly sour.

  20. love the first pic. hate the 2nd and 3rd. most transparent sarees need to be pleated but here she looksbetter when she drapes freely like in 1st pic. dont like the length of the pallu in 2nd and 3rd

  21. I’ve seen this post so many times – the woman is gorgeous – she looks gorgeous in everything! And oh how gorgeous are those super high cheekbones! *j’adore*


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