In Rajdeep Ranawat

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Kareena stepped out to meet with her friends and while out, was photographed in Rajdeep Ranawat separates. Her accessories for the occasion included a Louis Vuitton monogram ‘speedy’. The easy off-duty look works for her!

Kareena Kapoor Khan

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I love a fabric that creases easily because chances are it it a more natural fabric like cotton or linen.
      The creases on a cotton kurta at the end of a day tells the story of your struggles and conquests of the day!

      • Stop saying the word “struggle” It’s overuse these days. HHC is not a page to make another platform to discuss what are the struggles they went through that particular day.

          • Easy peeps! There is no need to get personal here. Don’t be so sensitive to every word. The comments here are suppose to be personal opinions. If it doesn’t match yours then just accept that others think differently. I am not sure how wearing a more natural fabric would reek of pretense but sure that is your opinion!

            Also, struggles and conquests is just suppose to be a metaphor for day to day activities and nothing more! If you prefer to do them in polyester and rayon then that’s good for you!


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