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Close on the heels of Vogue‘s cover featuring an actor and a model comes this cover from Bazaar Bride featuring Kanistha in Manish Arora and Fawad in Armani.

On the other one, I may have felt the model felt like a prop but here, oddly Fawad does. 😛

I have to add, love love love Kanistha here.


Kanishtha Dhankar & Fawad Khan on Bazaar Bride

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  1. Fawad don’t fall into this trap just because you are in Bollywood. You are too good on your own. You don’t need this effin model on your cover. By the way that models’s dressing is so godawful.

    • No fawad No!!! Pls don’t get KJOfied. The overly gelled hair & waxed chest…eeks!!!

      Sorry….I just cant look beyond Fawad & how terribly their ruining his individuality. I know he’s an actor & he’s supposed to play act & all that jazz but STILLLL!!!!!

    • +1
      I also wish they’d stop using Bollywood folks everywhere. Models are there for a reason. Maybe the fashionable A-listers sometimes, but Fa-wad Who? Ridiculous.

      • Sorry got sent halfway 😛
        He’s a pretty remarkable and relatable actor.
        I’m all for people from other professions grazing covers once in a while – whether a sportsman, businessman, actor or whoever, makes for good role models when they are good at their jobs.
        The people I actually DONT wanna see on covers are the same-ol’ photoshopped bollywood “A-listers” as you put it.. uninteresting people with terrible acting skills.

        • Wow, no I didn’t miss any memos nor did I mean to offend his admirers but he has been in just one bad movie so far. That is a fact!
          But you misunderstood my comment. Like many people, I feel the Bollywoodization of Indian fashion has had several bad effects – Reduced creativity, lack of innovation, restricting fashion to bridal etc. The overwhelming presence of Bollywood actors on runways and covers is another consequence of this.
          However, having A-listers (despite its banality) has some positives too – mass appeal, improved sales and recognition etc.
          I look at these things from a business/innovation perspective and I feel having Fawad Khan serves neither purpose. Hence, my comment. Relax!


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