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Vogue India’s Nov edition features SRK (wearing Louis Vuitton) on the cover while also wishing him a very Happy Birthday.

Am I the only one puzzled at why Shanina (an Aussie model) is even in this shot. Yes, Shanina looks hella hot in that Monisha Jaising swimsuit but she also feels like such a prop here.

Surely SRK has enough charisma to pull off a cover on his own, no? You’d still buy it, right?


Left: Monisha Jaising
Right: Shah Rukh Khan and Shanina Shaikh on Vogue India

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  1. I find SRK to be the prop here. My eyes first go on Shanina and only then to SRK who with his blue suit does not stand out agianst the blue background.
    And is that really a photoshop goof up with the extra little finger on the hips of the model ? Bizarre it looks.

  2. Just Sharukh please and he doesnt need so much photoshop. What is the whole point of having a model in a swimsuit beside him. Call me a prude but his hot wife would have looked so much better than that model next to him. He looks so different and uncomfortable here (which is very rare)

  3. From what I can tell, that space between the thumb and index finger is just that – the natural gap between the fingers. The lighting/editing makes it look really odd though, as if a finger were magically removed.

    I think there’s some kind of disconnect on this cover – there should either be something “subtle” with SRK, or “glamorous” with Shanina. The combo is too bizarre for me.

  4. SRK’s face looks so weird in this picture and it’s like the styling is forcing him to be younger. It’s coming across as very varun dhawan-ish to me. Why dress him younger and photoshop his face and hand (weird has hell!) when SRK dressed his age, with his stubble and innate charisma could sell anything!!!

  5. Maybe they needed the model so we wouldn’t notice his ugly-ass shoes?

    That apart, the thumb placement makes him look like a creepy uncle. Surely he would have seen, and given his OK, before they published this issue?

  6. I’m a bit disappointed with the cover. I agree, he absolutely should have has the cover to himself. I don’t like all the photoshop on him either. Not just the manipulation of the pose by digitally messing with his hand, but all the photoshop they’ve used on his face. He doesn’t need it. His lines are beautiful and the cover story is supposed to be about him making 50 look good!

  7. The model could have carried this cover on her own. Odd combination. Also, I hate the message of this cover too that he is 50 and can still attract young hot women? Surely at 50 self confidence could have been projected on this cover by himself. Having said that, the swimsuit it so sexy! And Srk outfit belongs on a much younger man but methinks srk has a complex abt aging so he wants this look.


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