In Sabyasachi

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In an interesting Sabyasachi suit, Kangna attended Manyata and Sanjay Dutt’s ‘Mata Ki Chowki’ celebrations. Though not a fan of the suit itself, Kangna looks sweet. What I don’t understand however are those flats. What made her pair those with that suit?!

Kangna Ranaut At Mata Ki Chowki Celebrations

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I agree. The foundation is 2 shades too light !!!!!!
      But i like the bindi and overall sweetness of the outfit. And no-pout plays a big part in it.

  1. She looks ridiculous! The Sachin Tendulkar hair, the weird suit, the bag, the shoes…what happened? Why pair the Lady Dior with every outfit? Disappointed 🙁

  2. Horrible makeup.. is this a joke.. Does she really need all ths foundation to make her face look WHITE n eyebrows jet black..

    n equally horrible dress.. ths is really JOKE in the name of designer wear.. looks like a horrible patchwork done by road side tailor stitching left over dress material to make a single kurta

  3. Yuck! the 3 pieces on the outfit do not work together at all… its as if Sabyasachi opened a wardrobe pick 3 diff parts of 3 diff outfits and gave it to her! the make up…really? why? and those shoeeeessss!!!! eek! Kangana what happened?

  4. come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! just because its Sayba you guys call it interesting. There are a lot of adjectives in the english language to describe that mess and interesting is surely not amongst them.

  5. I can loverlook everything except for the medusa hair. I mean I get she has really curly hair so its not possible to straighten each and every time but she should just grow it out or something


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