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Kangana attended the screening of Raman Raghav on Wednesday evening wearing a teal Diesel mini with McQueen wedges. Between the brown belt, the python messenger bag and the calf-length booties, this look felt very disconnected.

But, Ms. Ranaut wears it with such swag, she just pulls it off.



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  1. not working. The look is so disconnected. I also dislike the shoes. The side profile of it is so hilarious. Things we do in the name of fashion!

  2. Those booties are hilarious… How can someone walk in those!! Jesus! And the position of the belt is so awkward! This look is not just disconnected, it’s WTH…

  3. She is hell bent on displaying her fashion sensibilities these days LOL :D Her robotic stances and silly poses just add up to her definition of stylish. Unfortunately nothing of that works here. This comes out as a serious Wthey case :D

  4. My gosh! This is beyond hideous! Don’t even know where to begin? Atrocious! And the shoes? Someone should burn it. Def on my list of worst dressed of the year.

  5. Boots isn’t my cup of tea but she looks fine and is carrying this off in my opinion. This look is on the other spectrum of her last post yet she makes both work.

  6. Ohh! The God-please-send-us-some-rain pose, the velvetty blouse in the name of a dress, that belt, that utterly uncomfy shoes, that hunterwali bag. She is such a fashionista already, she does not have to do all this. We were already impressed by her. Now look what she has done. The side view is atrociously unflattering.

  7. With the kind of body that she has, only she can pull off such an outfit! Yup, agree with you Payal, so much of swag the look has. Otherwise, I see such ‘casual-careless-hot’ kind of dressing on many others who try so hard but can’t salvage it. She owns it! Love the pink lip, the updo and the boots on her!!! :)


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