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Wearing a cotton sari with a black Givenchy coat and a Prada tote, Kangana jetted out of the city on Sunday. Loved the sari, bag and pumps but the addition of the coat was overkill here. Made the outfit feel too filmy lawyer-ish.

Kangana Ranaut

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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    • I agree. I was always haunted by the saree and coat/ blazer combo that our women athletes wear during Olympic march. Maybe the sarees are more to blame. But I figured out that a tad bit longer jacket looks amazing with saree. That is why her jacket looks so awesome.

      • Also the quality of coats / blazers for women that are available nowadays as against back in those days when maybe women formals weren’t as tailored. I can imagine this coat making most things look good

  1. She tries a little too hard to be Hina Rabbani Khar , cue the statement bag, designer pumps and the traditional outfit . A bit off-putting.

  2. This happens to be a Rs. 600 Kolkata cotton saree from her own wardrobe. Such an impactful look with a simple saree. Kangana is such a glamazon. Classic movie star, old world glamor. Love!

  3. Today, she got up and decided she wants to be a super-chic Supreme Court lawyer.

    Will we ever see Kangana Ranaut again? Gone are the days, I guess.

  4. PnP, I really wish you guys had included the tweet Kangana’s sister shared with these images. Apparently, Kangana bought this organic cotton saree from Kolkata for Rs 600. She was shocked to see a handloom saree retailing for such a low price and urged others to support Indian handloom. I have also seen similar prices in local shops of Lucknow, Rajkot etc. Now that handloom sarees are trendy again, please buy from local shops or govt emporia. Similar items are available from designer studios (e.g. Good Earth) for astronomical prices a fraction of which goes to the textile workers

  5. Yes, the coat could be extra but I see this as a statement : and an important one. A Bengal handloom saree woven by an anonymous weaver albeit with love and sweat, stands tall, with its head up high, shoulder to shoulder with Givenchys, Prada’s and Chanel’s. The eye still goes to the saree, it’s border, it’s colors, the comfortable vibe it exudes, even when propped with the ‘designers’. The message is the saree is a professional garment. It is as businesslike as a pant suit or a pencil skirt. I wanted to wear a saree to my next work meeting after I saw this. That is inspirational…. that is what KR might be trying to do. And sometime a very striking image is the best reminder. She modernizes the look.

  6. This reminds me so much of my beloved Mrs. Samra- principal, Apeejay School! What a woman, what a presence she was!
    I think Kangana looks very chic when she styles herself. Not so much at movie proportions or Cannes because then she just looks like she is trying way too hard.


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