Kalki Confounds

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What is she wearing? Frumpy!

Catch more pics of Kalki at ‘The Gallery’.


Kalki Koechlin At Bacardi Bash

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. The top is kind of cute. The shoes look alright. But yeah those pants need to go. & from what I can see I hate the bag – looks like it’s from the 90s!

  2. She is looking nice-yes, the pants are a bit funny, but I actually like the top. I seem to be disagreeing with almost all your post today PnP.

  3. its not amazing but it aint rubbish either. the top is cute and shoes are of great colour. the pants…arents those in vogue these days…wht do you call them…pegged??

  4. HEy this is a jumpsuit form MANGO. chiffon silky material.. but she doesnt have the attitude to carry it. from me its a thumbs down

  5. she looks adorable!!! the lenght of the pants, the heels the shifty/loose flowing blouse all work together especially in those colors!!!

  6. I like her top and to some extent the pants (though not a good fit) seems to gel with the top. Surely, the bag could have been given a miss.
    The top is really cute and compliments her .
    I like her understated different look than the ones which is doing rounds in celeb world- too tight, too short and a lot of skin..

  7. she looks good to me, its sort of funky, love those shoes, what are those shoes, anyone know?The bag is a different story altogether, i had one like that in high school or something.

    on second thoughts, the top with a pencil skirt (black maybe) and with those shoes and a clutch perhaps and she would have nailed it.

  8. i think shwe looks good. seems very high fashion with the high waist, harem-ish pants, the top is nice…i just have a problem with her bag.

  9. She’s got an interesting face…I feel like she should dress to suit it better…I know that sounds crazy, but it’s more of a show than tell thing, I guess…ehh either way, this jumpsuit is not to her benefit. The print might looks better on a tee or dress.


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