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Thanks to her latest movie (and its promotions), we’ve had a steady stream of Kajol sightings lately. She was recently photographed in a red macrame Shivan & Narresh sari and a printed maxi dress by Punit Balana.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the sari and its blouse. And the way the pallu was just pooling on the floor didn’t help either! Of the two appearances, much prefer the dress on her; Kajol looked nice. I only wish she had skipped those red bangles which made for too stark a contrast and looked rather forced. I understand that Red has been the theme this promo tour with Kajol exclusively dressing in red-toned clothes, but forcing the color on to a look that didn’t need it was a bummer.

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Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. She looks stunning in the dress. Minus of course the red bangles.

    The could have made her wear a wine red perspex modern cuff if red was absolutey necessary.

    The less said about the saree the better.

  2. Don’t these people care about the clothes they wear ? I mean , just because you got it free doesn’t mean you can treat it so badly .Just shows how much they care while they preach all kinds of moral and civil behaviour to the masses . So much of it is pooling on the floor which looks dirty . Even the designer might be okay given the publicity but would they clean this and resell ( which is unfair ) or just discard ( utter waste and bad for environment )


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