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Wearing Pankaj and Nidhi, Kajol covers AsiaSpa’s latest issue. Like what you see?

kajol in asia spa magazine-1

Kajol For AsiaSpa, June 2014
Wearing Pankaj And Nidhi

kajol in asia spa magazine-2

Kajol In AsiaSpa, June 2014
Wearing Turquoise & Gold Top And Lecoanet Hemant Pants

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  1. i like her dressing and style, but somehow the makeup .. i dunno- she doesnt look like Kajol. After seeing the first pic, i literally double checked whether it was talking about Kajol or somebody else. How about a little more natural face makeup so as to retain her original face color.

  2. LOL! How much have they lightened/photoshopped to make her look this pinkish white? This obsession with fairness is some sad sh*t.

  3. She could cut herself on that ultra-sharp jawline. Don’t these people have any say in how they are photoshopped beyond recognition?

  4. C’mon.. Kajol is a dusky beauty… don’t photoshop her so much that we feel sad of having darker skin!! People all over the world get tanned by paying money or rolling in the sand to achieve a darker skin tone..!! Be proud of what we have!!

  5. No. Don’t like a bit. Any picture of a natural Indian beauty whitened/whitewashed is an insult to the Gorgeous Indian women in general. Kajol is beautiful. But this whitewashed picture of her is an insult to all gorgeous Indian women.

  6. Kajol and I fall in that category where cargo pants are a no no (and that belt is all wrong too). But the T&G collarless shirt I like. The yellow maxi…it’s okay.

  7. When i scrolled down without reading I thought it was Parineeti in the first pic.
    The whole spread is meh the cheery yellow though looks very nice on her.

  8. Give me the old ruffled kajol anyday. She seemed truer to herself. Which is why I have started liking aishwarya rai. No, I’m not a fan of those anarkalis but she dresses as she pleases and not to please a small minority of women who really actually dress for each other and dress like each other.


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