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This almost makes up for the Rock On Horror! Almost! (Cuz, it will still take a while for us to forget her outfit from the ‘Rock On’ premiere.)


Juhi Chawla, ‘Ramayana-The Epic’ Launch


‘Rock On’ Premiere

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. juhi darling needs to wear more indian wear and do make-up like this- she looks like a fresh flower in the pinkish dress. now why didn’t she go like this to the Jaane Tu premiere instead of looking like an Amma!! She was gonna stand next to Aamir Khan!! This girl!! UFF!! 😛

  2. Honestly I don’t think Juhi looks that bad in those outfits she chooses to wear. Yeah, they look bad to us because we don’t dress like that… hell, the style is very outdated and kind of on the conservative side. Not many of us young girls wear it so I could understand why we cringe when we see an actress with that choice. But objectively speaking, for her age and the ‘era’ she belongs to, those outfits aren’t really WTHeyyyyy. lol

    And now to the recent pictures…. Juhi looks sweet. I’m glad she made an effort with atleast putting on make-up and doing her hair (kinda). 🙂

  3. BTW I think that’s Jay Mehta, her hubby, with the glasses. Man, why did all of our top actresses from the 90s married such geeky and dorky men? Hehehe… there’s Madhuri’s Dr Nene, Sri’s Boney, and Juhi’s Jay….

    As long as they’re happy 🙂

  4. I like her makeup – very fresh faced and a lovely smile… not liking the sorta droopy-sorta wavy-sorta just hanging there hair though….

    Such a pretty woman – not a patch on my Madhuri though (I have a girl crush on that woman!)

  5. She look sooo fresh n so beautiful. The outfit is prettyyy. The makeup is perfect. Its so refreshing. Her smile is sooo sweet. She is still one of my fave celebs

  6. oh my…she looks beautiful in the pink dress! She needs to get her hair straightened.. looks stunning with straight hair… hate those little curls on the edges!

  7. I don’t know why every time I see Juhi I sense a sadness in her eyes and face, she doesn’t smile from heart like she used to,,my prediction is that she is not happy in her marriage and Shaurkh holds a special place in her heart..

  8. Did she go under the knife?? coz she looks incredibly fresh in these pics (Madhuri certainly did before Aaja Nachle, there’s a pic of hers in rediff spotted site where she does look 40, and the face lift is so obvious)

  9. She is very happy in her marriage, and she has tamed that man completely. She has now school going kids and has decided its time to come back into all the party circuit….she has had her share of personal tragedy, lost her Mom in front of her, hit and run in europe during the shooting of Phir bhi dil hai hindustani… lovely lady, graceful, and a bad dresser

  10. looks like she has no dressing sense what so ever. I like Karishma’s dressing sense the best, she never disappoints me, Madhuri also after her marriage wears beautiful saris and has a much improved dressing sense, but Juhi is very disappointing


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