Who Wears It Best?

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After Katrina and Neha, it is now Deepika who was spotted wearing the same Shantanu-Nikhil dress from their Spring 2008 collection.

Wonder if this one will become a favorite like that other dress that we keep seeing always!

Neha Dhupia, ‘Singh Is Kinng’ Success Bash
Deepika Padukone, Fiama Di Wills Face Hunt 2008

Katrina Kaif in Filmfare
Shantanu And Nikhil SS 08

Edit: Swapped pics.

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


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  1. I think this dress works in a “sultry siren” kinda way; so my vote goes to Neha & Katrina who work that attitude.
    Deepika’s sweet ‘n simply look, while lovely, goes against the essence of the dress- me thinks (I’m not getting too philosophical am I? 😉

  2. I like Deepika’s look as well as Katrina’s. Somehow I dont get what the big deal is about Neha Dhupia. Honestly, I dont find her pretty in the least. She has a great body and a decent style sense though— but still I prefer Deepika’s look. Katrina’s yellow bangles look great against her blue dress.

  3. i love the way both katrina and the model look. they’ve both got a strong presence. neha seems like a nice and interesting person but i don’t think she’s pretty at all. i’m sure guys like her though bcos she’s very confident and comfortable with her sensuality (if that makes any sense). deepika is ok.

  4. I like all four pics, Kat’s is a studio shot, Neha is a 5 second at a premiere, Deepika is a photo at a launch sitting… and Kiran is on the ramp, lovely outift very form flattering

  5. i wish deepika would smile upwards and not downwards all the time! 🙂 I think this dress is better suited for a photoshoot then anything else. so katrina takes the crown. neha looks like a wannabe. deepika looks ok.

  6. omg omg omg… P&P!! can you please tell me if those are the nine west jellzey sandals? i can’t tell really clearly from this pic, but i own the same shoes!!!

  7. This is an ugly dress but Kat looks good because of the styling and lighting. Deepika looks okay too. I guess that’s the benefit of being so tall.

  8. OMG! At first I thought it was “small town girl” Divya Khosla in that blue dress! And then I scrolled down and its Deepika. I was like, wow Divya got her act right this time… has she been checking this site or something? Hahaha…

    Deeps looks good. as does Neha. The dress doesn’t quite sit too well on Kat’s broad shoulders though.

  9. Kat looks the best – look at those (air brushed) legs – admittedly in that position she doesn’t look as much like a line backer as she does normally – like Neha in it too – I think Deepika is gorgeous but the dress is too straight up n down’ on her

  10. deepika looks fitted, and the color suits her so well. If she tried a short layered haircut, a la piggy chops, she would look so much better. Her long, overly straight ratlike hair i do not like..

  11. suchi/anon
    Give us some time. We are trying to find out that information. You can also go their sites, we have listed it in the ‘Shop’ tab and perhaps, contact them…


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