1. As much as I LOVE Juhi, this look is quite disappointing from head to toe :( That pyramid hair makes her beautiful face look so round. The makeup is off and that embroidery pattern and the cut of the kurta makes her look so boxy. Plus that dupatta covering her neck all the way to her chin is not helping either. Is the diamond pattern new trend now? Seeing it on Madhuri as well is a proof that it should go away for good just like those tiny sunglasses!

  2. I would like to think that Juhi is one of those people who just looks better in person because she’s looks very awkward while getting pictures clicked. Maybe she really doesn’t care that much about clothes. In real life like her movies she must be really charming and fun.

  3. Juhi does good clothes for a while and then undoes it by one bad outing. I think the problem is that she doesn’t care …but then she should stick to that too. Else there are days when her stylist is on leave, and she resorts to her own means, like this one. Busy patterns, shinny clutches , clashing necklace are her routine. I’m sure she’s wearing her fav silver wedges under that ghaghra.


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