Lady Of Léger

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Its Hervé Léger again for Parmeshwar Godrej…


L To R: At Gucci Launch, At ‘Rock On’ Premiere, At ‘Jewels Of Queenie’ Store Launch

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani
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  1. she totally rocks it. here’s an instance of the usual ‘age-appropriateness’ not being a factor, coz she both has the figure and the attitude to carry off what should be a young person’s dress.

  2. bride of wildenstein anyone?!?! (google it) however good she may look in that dress all I can think of is how scary her face looks – and good bod or not someone needs to start aging with some grace and elegance – sheesh someone tell her surgeon to stop returning her calls!

  3. I was saving my bra to toss at *The Jonas Brothers, but I think I will just give it to her.

    *yes, I am young enough to do cougars here…lol

  4. She’s great neck down. Her figure can make 20 yr olds envious.
    Neck up…too much surgical intervention going on.
    Anyone think she looks sort of like Donatella Versace?


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