Pretty In Pink?

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Its been a while since we saw her do color and we think she wears this particular one beautifully! The outfit works on her (minus the short salwar)!!!


Jaya Bachchan At V Shantaram Awards

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani

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  1. Too loud a colour for her to carry off. Besides I hate the cut and ya the salwars riding up the ankle is totally ughhhhhhh. Why can’ these people get designers to dress them? they can afford it

  2. That’s a beautiful shade of pink. BUT, Jaya does not complement it… its like her color is so glamorous, but the rest of her is so blah, from hair to make-up. Had she paid extra attention to her entire look and then worn this number, it would’ve been lovely.

  3. it is a really jarring loud color to wear all would have looked nice with a contrast..and the dress is wearing her, and she looks overwhelmed by it…

  4. I don’t like this color except on little girls. The whole effect is blinding! Why can’t Jaya pick a color in between the super dull pastels and this super bright pink?

  5. I think it works – the salwar could have been a little longer and she could have worn better footwear but still on the whole this is a VAST improvement over all her disasters earlier. I love COLOR.

  6. She is looking lovely..more than anything its nice to see her smile for once..the outfit isnt extra ordinary as such but she is looking very nice

  7. only Abu and Sandeep could have got the dull woman to wear a colour that bright, unfortunately it did not work, becos the expression is still the same


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