In Faraz Manan

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It was a champagne colored Faraz Manan gown for Ms. Kapoor at Filmfare’s Achievers Night. While her finishing touches were on point, can’t say I care for the gown itself. I wish the gown had been one tone and not had that stark white beaded bust.

Janhvi Kapoor

Photo Credit: Getty

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  1. I am not feeling this look – the gown, the shoes, the hair do.

    Janhvi has the potential and body to pull off really urbane outfits.

    She should stop wearing stuff that makes her uncomfortable. She is so conscious here.

  2. The color of the gown and footwear, the hairdo and that one strand out all give a very dated beauty queen look and not in a good way. Jhanvi has such a sexy figure but still needs time to come into her own aesthetic and not do these wannabe looks.

  3. Agreed on the bust part; should have been same color as gown. But the hair look awful; she looks like someone tightly pulled all her hair in ponytail which made her face pop out. Wish the bun was rather wispy.


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